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Drywall Services for Home Renovations

Rely on our years of experience for expert drywall installation done right for your home renovation or new home construction projects.

Finishing a residential wall, a room or the complete home with an aesthetic appearance is achieved by professional drywall installation, taping, sanding, and finishing.

Drywall provides a smooth and durable surface ready for paint or wallpaper.
With more than 40 years experience in the drywall business, Lanson’s has the expertise to meet all of your renovation needs.

Hanging, Taping and Mudding Drywall

With our 40 years of experience, we can make your home improvements ideas and dreams come true by installing and finishing your drywall on time and within budget.

Once the drywall has been installed it is secured with screws and nails.

Then the seams are “hidden” by the application of drywall tape and coats of drywall compound which cover the screws and nails as well as reinforce the joints.

The first coat of joint compound is applied over the joints ready for taping.

We also apply a second coat of joint compound over the drywall tape.

The finish coat is the final layer of joint compound that is applied before painting.

This results in a flat surface with the seams hidden.

We fully complete each drywall project so that the wall and ceiling joints are perfectly smooth and ready for paint or wall coverings.

Drywall Remodelling is a Budget Friendly Option

Drywall is the most cost-effective option for home renovation projects.

Time and materials needed when using drywall will be less than other options.

Drywall installation is quickly completed by using large panels that effectively cover a room.

As drywall is a prefabricated building material, it can be measured, cut and installed quickly and efficiently.

Our experienced installers will be in and out quickly, so the renovation gets done on time and within budget.

Drywall Provides Insulation and Soundproofing

Drywall helps with soundproofing and insulation. It works well for both walls and ceilings.

By the nature of the drywall materials, it provides insulation making your home more energy efficient.

Drywall Finishing Touches

Once the drywall installation is finished it is ready for decoration, paint or even texturing.

Walls and ceilings can get the finishing touch that is both modern and attractive.

Got a popcorn ceiling? No problem, we have different options to achieve smooth ceilings.

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At Lanson’s we specialize in the installation of residential drywall ready for paint or wall coverings.

Our team of experienced professionals have the skills and years of experience to manage any size job, from a room to a full house renovation.

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