Quiet Rock

QuietRock Drywall used in a commercial setting

QuietRock Soundproofing Drywall

Reliable, easy, and cost-effective noise reducing solutions for commercial and residential construction.

Introduced in 2002, QuietRock was the first manufactured sound damped panel on the market. Offering outstanding acoustic performance, QuietRock is the leading soundproofing brand installed using a breakthrough thin wall technology. With just one layer QuietRock exceeds STC code requirements for both residential and commercial applications. QuietRock is laboratory tested delivering high STC performance that outperforms multiple layers of gypsum and is dramatically more reliable – replacing traditional noise reducing methods like resilient channel, mass loaded vinyl, and soundboard.

At Lanson’s Drywall, we have used QuietRock gypsum solutions to provide customers with the highest quality in soundproofing solutions. Whether the requirements are for hospital environments or libraries, Lanson’s has the experience and expertise to provide you and your clients with the highest quality soundproofing available.


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