Fastening Systems

Pan-head or wafer head screws

Fastening Systems

In the past, drywalling required only a few types of fasteners – nails to tack the drywall sheets on to wood framing and then screws to secure the ‘field’ of the boards to keep them from sagging.

The last 25 years has seen a boon in framing technologies however, and now there are dozens of fastener types used for the many aspects of the steel framing, suspended ceiling and drywalling processes and systems,

In steel framing, Lanson’s uses the Hilti fastening systems extensively. Hilti provide powder-actuated and compressed air ‘guns’ for shooting fasteners into all types of materials ranging for heavy duty steel columns to reinforced concrete. We use Hilti tools and fasteners because they are of the highest quality and meet or exceed load specifications for the applications we use them for.

We also used a wide variety of screws during the steel framing phase of construction. Self-tapping (or self-drilling) screws are used for penetrating and securing heavy-gauge steel materials while pointy screws are used on the lighter gauges. Self-tapping screws are also used to attach drywall and other sheathing to heavy gauge steel while coarse-thread pointed screws are used for wood framing and fine-threaded screws are used for applying drywall to light-gauge steel framing.

Pan-head or wafer head screws (pictured above) are also used for a wide variety of steel framing and drywall/sheathing boarding applications. They provide a lot more surface or tensile strength to the substrates that are being fastened and are can hold greater amounts of weight than screws that have smaller heads.

At Lanson’s we utilize these, and many other types of fastening systems to ensure that all of our work meets customer and engineer specified requirements for the commercial and residential work that we do.


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