Dens Armour Plus

Stack of DensArmor Plus

DensArmor Plus® (Georgia Pacific)

Paperless DensArmor Plus® interior drywall is a highly mold-resistant interior gypsum panel. DensArmor Plus® panels are ideal for moisture-prone interior walls, in areas such as basements and residential bathrooms. These paperless drywall panels are also ideal for commercial pre-rock installations. DensArmor Plus® mold-resistant drywall carries a three-month manufactures in-place exposure warranty.

In addition to the moisture and mold resistant type of DensArmor Plus, there are also two types of DensArmor called Abuse-Resistant Interior panels and Impact-Resistant Interior panels. Both of these boards replace the normal paper facings on both sides of the boards with fiberglass mats and dense, moisture-resistant gypsum cores. At Lanson’s, we have installed these types of panels in high-traffic areas of commercial jobs and in areas that are exposed to a lot of activity such as those found in schools and hospitals.


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